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Fix Dry Rot Damage Caused By Termites

If you have termites, you most certainly have something called dry rot damage. Your dry rot damage needs to be fixed, either by repairing the damaged areas or by replacing the damaged wood. Hydrex Pest Control specializes in fixing dry rot caused by these terrible pests.

What exactly is dry rot?

Despite its name, dry rot actually occurs when moisture is present. Dry rot can be caused by a number of things, but it almost always involves moist wood acting as an attractive habitat for several species of fungi and/or termites. After the moisture has been eliminated and the fungus/termites cleaned away, the underlying wood is cracked and porous, incapable of holding a fastener or supporting a coat of paint.

Steps to repair or replace dry rot:

  • Repair the moisture problem causing the dry rot
  • Cut out or dig out as much of the spongy, rotted wood as possible
  • Treat the remaining “good” area with a wood hardener
  • Apply filler material – possibly a piece of wood cut to fit
  • However, if the damaged wood will be supporting a load, it will be replaced instead
  • Apply fasteners, putty, and paint as required

Stop the Rot before it starts

The Hydrex dry rot team will professionally fix your dry rot caused by termites or fungi. But, why not have a Hydrex Pest Control expert visit your home or business before the problem starts? It’ll prevent many future problems.

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