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Rodent Control in Greater Sacramento, CA

If you've found evidence that mice, rats, or other critters are infiltrating your home or business, you need to hire a rodent control professional. Left unchecked, you could develop a sizable population of rodents that will contaminate food, create health risks for your family, and damage property. Hydrex Pest Control of Sacramento Inc. uses safe, effective methods to take care of the problem and keep rodents out for good.

Recognizing a Rodent Infestation

Even if you don't see a mouse, rat, or squirrel in your home, you may notice other signs of their presence. These can include the following:

- Rodent droppings under the sink, in cabinets and drawers, and around food storage and preparation areas

- Shredded paper or fabric used to build a nest

- Teeth marks on food packaging or open food

- Holes or other damage to walls and floors

- Unpleasant odor coming from a hidden area

If you have seen these red flags in your home, contact us for a thorough inspection.

Tips for Preventing a Rodent Infestation

To keep these critters from invading, patch holes both inside and outside the home, or plug them with steel wool to keep rodents from entering. Keep in mind that even the smallest openings should be sealed. A mouse can enter through a hole the size of a dime, and a rat needs only a slightly larger opening. Store food and garbage in closed containers. Finally, remove any leaf and woodpiles around your house or business, as these can serve as a home for rodents. 

If you're bothered by the presence of rodents in your home, call 916-447-3922 to contact our pest control specialists. You can explore testimonials from our satisfied customers and feel assured that you'll soon be living a rodent-free existence.