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Reliable Termite Control in North Highlands, CA

Do you suspect termites? Then Hydrex Pest Control suggests that you schedule a FREE inspection immediately. Call 916-447-3922! There’s no obligation. At the very least you’ll know if these hungry insects are attacking your home, business, or commercial building.

Look for these signs of termite infestation:

  • Mud tubes (pencil-sized diameter or larger) running across bare concrete or masonry between the soil and any wooden part of your building
  • A collection of thin, small, paper-like wings (all the same size and shape) on your window sill, counter top, or floor
  • "Bubbled" or distorted areas of paint on wooden surfaces
  • Any wooden structure that begins to show damage -- especially if it’s a load-bearing support structure
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How bad are termites?

Termites feed on wood and cause structural damage.  They also destroy drywall, books, cardboard boxes and any other wood product.  Even buildings with steel framing and masonry walls are termite targets because they have wooden components such as wooden floors, roof trusses, doors, window frames, cabinets and shelving.  Homes built on a slab foundation are just as susceptible to termites as a home built on a raised foundation or basement.

Can I handle this myself?

Termites often cannot be seen.  It requires a trained professional, such as a Hydrex Inspector who has the termite knowledge and training of what signs to look for.  Additionally, homeowners insurance helps to recover losses from fires, earthquakes & storms but it is nearly impossible to find one that protects against termite damage.  Only diligent inspection and treatment will protect from termites.

Termite prevention that can be done by the homeowner:

There are several ways you can help prevent termite infestations.  Follow these tips to keep termites away from your property.  For example, trim greenery away from your home and keep firewood stored far away from your structures. Keep soil & mulch levels well below the stucco or siding line.  Repair leaks promptly as moisture attracts termites. This includes faucet leaks, waterline leaks, shower/tub leaks as well as sprinkler leaks close to your home.  Seal cracks around your tub, sinks, foundation cracks and leaking gutters.  Keep gutters cleaned out and operational to avoid moisture buildup and splash-over which can also cause dry rot

Let Hydrex Pest Control Step In

A thorough termite inspection by a licensed & trained Hydrex Termite Inspector is the first and most important step in protecting your property.  Our experienced inspectors will issue a state regulated
“Wood Destroying Organism Report” of any infestations found. The inspector will also include dry rot & leaks & other problems found that could lead to future problems & a bid to fix them.  If you hire Hydrex to treat and/or repair the problems found, everything will be completed by Hydrex employees who are licensed, insured, bonded and have passed Sacramento county Live Scan.